Franchise consultancy

  • Custom building franchise system
  • Strategic branding
  • Design (visuals, identity, packaging, manuals)
  • Architecture (interiors, standards)
  • Intellectual property and rights
  • Franchise Brokerage
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Franchise brokerage

  • Master Franchisor or Franchisee recruitment
  • Company registration services
  • Real-estate and location scouting
  • Local suppliers, distributors and logistics
  • Accounting and tax consultancy
  • Legal consultation
  • Finance
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We specialize in franchise consulting and brokerage services for brands and concepts looking to start franchising and for existing franchise brands looking to expand into the Western Balkans region.

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About us

With over 15 years of experience in the franchise industry, CFCG stands as a trusted leader in providing comprehensive franchise consulting services. We have worked hands-on in more than 20 countries worldwide, including the USA, gaining invaluableexpertise and knowledge along the way.

Our team consists of industry experts who cover all aspects of franchise development, from setting up franchise systems to branding, legal matters, finance, and more. We pride ourselveson being a one-stop solution for all your franchising needs.

What sets CFCG apart is our unique background in building ourown franchise systems from scratch and scaling them on a global level. This hands-on experience has given us a deep understandingof the challenges and complexities that franchisors face. We have walked the same path, encountered the same obstacles, and overcome them successfully.

At CFCG, our mission is to support our clients in achieving the best possible results as franchise systems. We work closely with each client, understanding their unique goals and challenges, and tailorour solutions to their specific needs. Whether you are embarkingon franchising for the first time or seeking solutions to overcomeexisting challenges, we are here to help.

Our team is dedicated to providing personalized, professional,and results-driven consulting services. We believe in fostering long-term partnerships with our clients, guiding them through every step of their franchising journey. Your success is oursuccess, and we are committed to helping you realize yourfull potential as a franchise system.

Thank you for considering Colak Franchise Consulting Group. We invite you to explore our services and get in touch with our experts to discuss how we can support your franchising endeavors. Together, let's achieve exceptional results in the world of franchising.

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